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🇪🇬 Égypte : plus de 40 momies, en bon état, vieilles de 2000 ans, datant de la dynastie ptolémaïque d’origine grecque (323 à 30 avant J.-C.), ont été découvertes dans des catacombes de Tounah el-Gebel.


Cover Reveal: BOOK OF ENCHANTRESSES ( Book Of Watchers #2 ) by MARY TING is Coming February 21st!@maryting @XpressoTours

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Book of Enchantresses
Mary Ting
(Book of Watchers, #2)
Publication date: February 21st 2019
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult

Keira is convinced her guardian, Ezekiel, knows more than he shared about her biological parents, and she will do everything she can to find out who they were. She secretly meets the powerful witch Awan at a nightclub and is promised the answers she seeks on one condition: she retrieves the legendary Book of Enchantresses. Keira, along with Uriel, Samyaza, Jonah, and her Nephilim friends, must travel to another realm in Gotjawal Forest on Jeju Island to recover the spell book. But nothing is free, and actions have consequences. When Keira’s team returns to their world, vampires attack a demon stronghold. No one knows who to blame, but the fragile peace has been rocked. And it’s about to get worse—Lucifer has escaped Hell.

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Teaser Time: DEATH’S MAIDEN ( Time Bridge Book 2 ) by ANNIE BECKER is Coming February 6th! @AnnieBecker123

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Death’s Maiden by Annie Becker will be here February 6th!!!

DON’T WAIT — PRE-ORDER TODAY →https://amzn.to/2Em2vcq


When Cassie Martin slips through the top-secret time-bridge to find herself in 1348 Avignon, France, she has high hopes that she can make this trip a quick and magical one, and most of all, keep it secret from her lover Aaron Reegan. She wants to get onto Avignon’s famous bridge, see it and get back within minutes. Then, Cassie comes through the time-bridge the first person to see her is a cruel monk who calls her Hecate and “Death’s Maiden.”

Top-secret time travel facility? Creepy (yet mysterious) fellow reporter Syd Meyer who has lied and betrayed Cassie? No-nonsense ex-Delta force Army Captain who loves BDSM play, has a riding crop – and will use it, if only he can also follow Cassie back in time and find her.

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