Guest author: Neil Rushton ~ Articulating the Faeries

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

‘Caught in a faerie ring’ by Alan Lee

What are the faeries? This question is surprisingly difficult to answer. Since May 2016 I’ve been attempting to get under the skin of the question on my blog-site deadbutdreaming, where I post articles that engage with the phenomenon of the faeries from a variety of perspectives. Understanding the folklore is essential. The 20th-century disneyfication of faeries has tended to bury the real ontological value of a belief-system that took hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of years to develop. Most people accustomed to the Tinkerbell winged faeries of popular culture are usually surprised and shocked when they come across more visceral renditions of faerie creatures such as in the images of Brian Froud and Alan Lee. But as any study of the folklore will confirm, the faeries that have been a part of human culture for so long are a diverse cast of…

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