Say CHEESE for Shavuos!


Contrary to all other Jewish holidays, when we prepare festive meals that include both fish and meat, signifying rejoicing in His benevolence that grants us abundance, traditional Shavuos table is laden with dairy dishes, from blintzes to cheesecakes, and anything milky delicious you can think of.  One of the reasons for this unique menu is explained in this short video.

Shavuos has a very special personal meaning for me. Two years ago, when I lost my father, May His Soul Rest in Peace, I started this blog in order to share with you, Beautiful People, my way of celebrating my father’s birthday. He was born on Shavuos, and for twenty years, after my mother’s passing, May Her Soul Rest in Peace, I would make a birthday party for him by cooking and baking all his favorite Shavuos dairy dishes.

This Sunday, just like every year, friends and family will gather…

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